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Our goal at is to provide valuable information to help people save money, save time and solve problems. ThriftyFun and its predecessors have been online since 1997.
ThriftyFun has grown from modest beginnings to become a vibrant online community. Today, is an online community you can post questions and contribute answers to others who are trying to have fun while saving money.

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We have a strict anti-spam policy. When you sign up for our newsletters or discussion lists you will receive no email other than what you have asked to receive. We may occasionally send news about new features of Web sites, but will never provide your email address to a third party. See our privacy policy for more details.

The History of ThriftyFun

Coupon Central was started in late 1997, first at, then at, and finally at The goal of this site was to provide a forum where local businesses could advertise by posting coupons that consumers could download.

In addition to the Web site we published a newsletter "The Coupon Clipper". The newsletter included thrifty tips and the sharing of thrifty ideas. It quickly grew in popularity and become the most popular part of the site.

Additional newsletters were added. The "Daily Thrifty Tip" was started in 1998 and provided one money saving tip every day as well as feedback and elaboration of prior tips. Near the end of the year, a "Reader's Request" list was created which concentrated solely on reader's questions and answers. was created in 1999 as a new home for the popular newsletters. This new interactive site provided the same content as the newsletters, but made it easier than ever for readers to ask questions and to contribute their own wisdom.

Several complete redesigns later, the new is now ready to usher in a new chapter of money saving tips and ideas. The new site is hosted on a faster server and has many new features which will make the site easier to use.

In early 2003 all of our newsletters had been condensed into a weekly "Thrifty Fun Newsletter". This newsletter rounds up the latest tips and ideas from the Web site and is a great way to stay in touch with what's happening in the Thrifty Fun community.

In April 2004, we re-added the Daily Thrifty Tips. It has grown quickly and once again provides new tips for thrifty living each weekday.

Thanks to all those who have kept in touch throughout the years.

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